Tuesday, November 8, 2011

At Home Strength Training Activities for Hockey

Wanna improve your strength, stability, and performance but too young or is it too expensive to go the gym?  With school, homework, family, and hockey games/ practices can you not find an extra 30minutes to strength train?

Try these exercises WHILE you are watching one 30 minute TV show....

1) Core Circuit-  Perform the following 4 activities for a timed 30 seconds and repeat for 2 sets.
a. Mui Tai Sit ups- legs stretched out flat and hands to forehead.  Roll your upper body completely up to 90 degrees.  Repeat.
b. Russian twists- balance yourself on your butt with back at 45 degree and and legs bent but elevated off ground.  Twist torso left and right.  Repeat.
c. Leg lifts- Back and legs flat.  Extend upwards, keeping legs straight 6-10 inches off the ground in a controlled motion.  Up then back down again.  Repeat.
d. Crunches-  Feet flat on ground and back down.  Crunch your upper body up, with your arms crossed, to your knees.  Repeat.

Rest for 1 minute after all 4 are done, then repeat circuit for 2nd set.

2) Dumbbell (weighted) Wrist Rollers- Take a dumbbell (5-10lbs to start) or anyother household item with a handle (milk jug, kettle etc.) and roll up your wrist forewards for 30 seconds, then backwards.  This will greatly strengthen your forearm muscles and improve your ability to catch passes and power your shot.

3) Yoga Stretches- Perform a 10 minute yoga stretching and balance routine, with an emphasis on completing these activities with proper form and breathing technique.  Here is an example.-

4) Pushups- During the 2 to 3 commercial breaks in the 30 minute program, try to complete as many pushups as possible.  Commercials generally last for 90 seconds to 2 minutes, so pace yourself and complete all pushups with proper form.

These activities are all relatively easy, and can be done, basically, without ever taking your eyes off the TV screen....

If you do these every night WHILE you watch TV, you will see tremendous strength gains, and become a better hockey player!

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