Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thoughts on Effective Coaching

Coaching is an interesting profession... no two days are the same.  Every variable is constantly changing, from the attitudes and perceptions of individuals, to the motivation and characteristics of the collective team, on a day to day basis getting through and being effective takes great attention to detail.

Here are some ideas...
Poll finds Huge Gap in How Employees Are Recognized and How They Want to be Recognized
Managers have a lot to learn about employee recognition according the results of a recent national Maritz® Poll. Over one thousand full-time employees were asked to compare companies’ reward practices to employee preferences. The results show there is a significant gap between how employees are currently recognized in the workplace and how they actually want to be recognized:
• Only 27 percent who want to be recognized by non-monetary employee incentives, such as award merchandise, gift card or trips, are recognized that way.
• Only 27 percent who want to be recognized by a symbolic award (trophy/plaque) are recognized that way.
• Only 29 percent who want to be recognized by a cash bonus are recognized that way.
• Only 30 percent who want to be recognized by a recognition event are recognized that way.
• Only 40 percent who want to be recognized by written praise are recognized that way.
In addition, even though 70 percent of employees receive verbal praise – the most prevalent form of employee recognition – only 49 percent of them want it; and 21 percent of those who actually want verbal praise still aren’t getting it from their companies.
The research reveals that 55 percent of employees agree or strongly agree that the quality of their company’s recognition efforts impacts their job performance. At the same time, only 10 percent of employees strongly agree that they are completely satisfied with their company’s employee recognition efforts.

Many of the statistical data can be applied to a similar "team" setting...

Consider this other statistical example-

Hockey is easily the most costly of the team sports.  "Nick" has been playing since he was five and this year, says his father, "John", 46, the family will spend over $4500 a year for the hockey habit.  The equipment alone will cost $750.  Some parents hope their kids win college athletic scholarships.  But think about it.  If you spend $4500 per year for 10 years of youth sports, you can pay for the college education.  Robert Malina, director of the Institute of Youth Sports at Michigan State University, says the parents would be better off putting the money they spend on travel teams into a savings account.  According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, fewer than 1% of the kids participating in organized sports today will be good enough to land a college scholarship....
Studies show that 73% of kids quit their childhood sport by age 13 because it ceases to be fun.

Info provided by- http://www.collegecharlie.com/ysports.html

Coaching is constantly evolving.  This blog entry was started primarily because I recently finished the above book by Tony Dungy "The Mentor Leader" and would highly recommend it to anyone who is interacting with children, or working in a management capacity. Mr. Dungy has published other books that are equally as terrific, "Uncommon" comes to mind, but as I prepare for my High School Hockey season, his newest book is most fresh in my mind.

Take the above statistics on managing people, and properly motivating them.  Infuse your own person style, and be creative, but focus with the long-term ambition in mind...

Although I am relatively new to coaching, I find it to be the most stimulating endeavor I've ever undertaken.

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