Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Home School Hockey DVD Released!

Shot this June on Gilford, New Hampshire, the making of the "Home School Hockey" has been a dream come true.

As a kid I remember watching my fathers old UHAUS (the precursor to USA Hockey) instructional VHS tapes, and memorizing the on-ice tutorials performed by our national teams.  With limited ice time as a youngster in New Jersey, I relived the drills and activities they were doing on the ice in my own driveway and in the roller hockey games my friends and I would play on local tennis courts and church parking lots.

Championship Productions has been producing instructional VHS tapes and DVD's for coaches and players since the late 1970's.  Throughout their hockey catalog you will see a tremendous amount of focus paid to on ice drills, skills, and systems for a hockey players development.  Their off-ice focus has been primarily strength training and conditioning.

What I wanted to accomplish with this video, was to combine an at- home workout DVD (think a tamed down Richard Simmons haha) with applicable drills and skills for hockey, to give kids a chance to either play along with in their basement or memorize and perform in their own backyard.  Everything crosses over in this DVD... the skills on the driveway can be performed on synthetic ice and then on ice.... and the strength training and conditioning enhances total body fitness so each drill is performed better...

Here is what the DVD is composed of-

Driveway Drills

Discover drills that can improve your stickhandling, eye/hand coordination and shot power and accuracy, by using everyday tools that can be found in your basement or garage. 

For each drill, Coach Trimble explains and coaches as one of his high school and youth level players demonstrates.

Cardio Conditioning

Increase your strength, power and endurance with his simple plyometric program.  Drills in this segment can be practiced in your own backyard or coaches can utilize this with their respective teams.

Strength Training

10 Hockey- specific strength training exercises that focus on developing the athlete’s total body.  With both youth and high school aged player demonstrating, this segment uses the athletes own bodyweight or simple at-home materials to build strength. Included is an explanation of the specifics of each exercise.  An excellent resource for any player, coach or team.

Synthetic Ice Training

Understand the power and versatility of training on this new technology!  Players can perform right alongside over 20 drills that will enhance their skating, stickhandling, passing, and shooting, as well as their strength and endurance.  Never run out of drills for this surface that has become popular in garages, rec rooms, backyards and basements.

 Video Analysis

All player’s love to see their skills in action.  Find out how your smart phone, camera, or video device can be used to correct some of the weaknesses in your player’s game.  Taking a simple approach, this segment shows you what to look for, and how to correct it with positive feedback.