Thursday, April 25, 2013

Slap Shot Technique

Keys to a good slapshot come from your mechanics and technique. Tiger Woods is a skinny guy, but can hit a golf ball 400 yards. The same thing goes in a slap shot - it's all about driving your hips and shifting your weight.  So no matter what size you are, if you can master the fundamentals of a good slap shot, then you will be a nightmare for opposing goalies!

Slap Shot- Process

  • Position the puck four to six inches behind your front foot. Make sure the puck is far enough from your body so you have room to comfortably hit it.
  • When you wind up the stick, always keep your right arm straight (or your left arm if you are left handed). Your weight should be on your back leg.
  • As you drive your stick to hit the puck, lean into the shot driving your hips and shifting your weight onto your opposite leg.
  • Swing hard and quick and your stick should strike the ice, an inch or two inches before the puck. This will give the puck some lift when you hit it.
  • Strike the puck in the middle of your blade.  Like hit a baseball, this is the "sweet spot".
  • Make sure to follow through and roll your wrists over after you hit the puck.
  • On the follow through, make sure you are pointing at the target and resume a balanced position with your weight fully transferred on your front leg.

  • Al MacInnis was a master and is an NHL Hall of Famer...

    Wednesday, April 3, 2013

    First Week of Synthetic Ice Training

    So far the Synthetic Ice facility at 349 Morrill Street in Gilford is off to a great start, as kids of all ages and abilities are signing up to train.

    Each session is 45 minutes in length and has been focused solely on the synthetic ice component of the facility.  As the weather gets warmer I anticipate utilizing dryland training, the weight lifting portion and an outdoor shooting range to be more prominently used.

    Some of the highlights of the synthetic ice training have been:

    + The circuit training model-  devoting 15 minutes each to powerskating, puck skills, and then shooting.  Kids don't get bored or frustrated with one activity.   Instead, they give their best attempt, pick up details, and then move onto the next activity.  By tracking their progress (like a personal trainer would do at the gym) we can go back and perfect the activities that need the greatest work.

    + Out of season usage-  The ice is already up at the Laconia Ice Arena, Arthur Tilton and the Pop Whalen rink.  Local kids (Gilford, Laconia, Belmont, Gilmanton, Alton, and Tilton) would have to travel a minimum of 30-45minutes to be able to use traditional ice.  That being the situation, I have people reaching out to me to prepare their kids for upcoming showcases, tryouts, and select teams, by training on the closest facility they can....

    + Video Analysis-  Because this is done in a 1 on 1 setting, I have been able to record parts or portions of the student completing drills, then immediately show them the their performance doing the drills by using my Cisco Flip Camera.  This is easily utilized in skating stride analysis and shooting technique.

    Here is some video of EZ Glide 350 in action....