Monday, July 15, 2013

Circuit Training with Groups of 4 at Scoring Concepts

Lately I have been accommodating larger groups at the Scoring Concepts Facility (groups of 4), and in doing so have constructed a program that has the athletes working half the time on the synthetic ice (in groups of 2) and the other half of the time performing strength training activities.  Additionally, for about 5 minutes after one group as completed the strength training phase, they compete in a series of "team" shooting games.

The synthetic portion is "trainer" based, with me working with the athletes performing a series of activities that are intended to enhance their powerskating, puck skills and athleticism.  The strength training primarily consists of Hockey- Specific exercises, aimed to improve power in their legs, functional upper body strength, balance, and strength in their core.  Below is a handout I use for the strength training exercises-

As the summer continues, larger groups are anticipated to be using the facility.  Even with only a few months of sampling, players and parents have been responding with enthusiasm towards the training we are accomplishing at Scoring Concepts.  Here are some of the testimonials-

Hello Andrew,
Blake had his first 3 on 3 game today in Hooksett and he did “very well!!”…..his stick/puck handling has improved greatly!! Blake scored 3 times… The training he has had with you is definitely showing progress.  Over-all we are very excited about his progress and your training is working! Please schedule Blake for the Monday and Thursday 5:15pm training this coming week.

D. Dunlap

The boys are loving the sessions.- K. Demain

The kids really enjoyed the session!! Hope you're ready for more!!- R. Dunlap
Thanks again for today. I will be in touch for some additional sessions

- K. Pike


I am very excited to see these players hard work pay off during the 2013-2014 Hockey Season.....


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What to Expect at the Scoring Concepts Summer Skill Series at PSU

Every Wednesday evening this summer, New Hampshire youth hockey players will have the opportunity to train and develop their skills in a fast-paced environment, and at one of the newest & finest NCAA hockey facilities in the country.

July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 & August 7, 14, & 21 from 630-745pm at Plymouth State University, Scoring Concepts LLC will host it's Summer Skill Training Series.  These 75 minute clinics will feature a half and half setting, where the first 45 minutes are devoted to speed and powerskating and the second 45 minutes are focused on advanced puck skills and stickhandling. 

All Scoring Concepts clinics feature 3 main components-
1. Multi-Skill and Overspeed Drills- The head has to be attached to the hands, which have to be attached to the feet. Elite Hockey players become successful when no component of their body restricts the other parts from performing to maximum capacity.
2. Actions over Analysis- Coach Trimble doesn’t waste valuable ice time talking beside a dry erase board, instead, kids are constantly moving. Students are encouraged to complete activities faster than they think they can complete them, while also enjoying an open format where kids can be creative and have fun. Students recieve the technical corrections, generally 1 on 1, while in the process of completing these activities.
3. Competitions- Partner Drills, small area games and activities that foster engagement; push the athletes to go faster, go further, and go with a greater sense of urgency. Taken from his own experiences as a player, Coach Trimble believes that competitive peer pressure is the greatest single motivator in a young athlete’s life. When competition is applied in the optimal context; a fun, uptempo atmosphere, the results can be extraordinary!

Making this experience an even more unique setting will be the special guest coaches and instructors.  In addition to having myself and Coach Mike Potenza at the clinics, we will also feature guest coaches with outstanding hockey backgrounds.  Working with the goaltenders will be Coach Tom Cayon, a former University of New Hampshire goaltender and current Coach with both the Dover Youth Hockey program and Kingswood Regional High School.  Additionally, Justin Soryal, a 5 year pro hockey player with both the New York Rangers and Carolina Hurricanes organizations will be on hand.  He will work one on one with individual students.  Here are his stats-

Also, Gavin Bayreuther will be in attendance.  Gavin played last season in the USHL and next season will begin his NCAA college career at St. Lawrence University.  A New Hampshire native, Gavin is looking for the opportunity to train, and also has a passion to become a future coach.  Here are his stats-

These clinics will be a progressive format, where each week becomes more challenging.  There is no pre-registration required, simply show up at the door and prepare for a good old fashioned "Head Soaker"....