Monday, July 15, 2013

Circuit Training with Groups of 4 at Scoring Concepts

Lately I have been accommodating larger groups at the Scoring Concepts Facility (groups of 4), and in doing so have constructed a program that has the athletes working half the time on the synthetic ice (in groups of 2) and the other half of the time performing strength training activities.  Additionally, for about 5 minutes after one group as completed the strength training phase, they compete in a series of "team" shooting games.

The synthetic portion is "trainer" based, with me working with the athletes performing a series of activities that are intended to enhance their powerskating, puck skills and athleticism.  The strength training primarily consists of Hockey- Specific exercises, aimed to improve power in their legs, functional upper body strength, balance, and strength in their core.  Below is a handout I use for the strength training exercises-

As the summer continues, larger groups are anticipated to be using the facility.  Even with only a few months of sampling, players and parents have been responding with enthusiasm towards the training we are accomplishing at Scoring Concepts.  Here are some of the testimonials-

Hello Andrew,
Blake had his first 3 on 3 game today in Hooksett and he did “very well!!”…..his stick/puck handling has improved greatly!! Blake scored 3 times… The training he has had with you is definitely showing progress.  Over-all we are very excited about his progress and your training is working! Please schedule Blake for the Monday and Thursday 5:15pm training this coming week.

D. Dunlap

The boys are loving the sessions.- K. Demain

The kids really enjoyed the session!! Hope you're ready for more!!- R. Dunlap
Thanks again for today. I will be in touch for some additional sessions

- K. Pike


I am very excited to see these players hard work pay off during the 2013-2014 Hockey Season.....


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