Thursday, December 4, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas

Here are some Holiday Gift Ideas for the Hockey Enthusiast in your Life!

1) Hockey Books-  Some of my favorites include:
* GRETZKY- by Rick Reilly
* Hockey Tough- by Saul Miller
* Laura Stamm's Powerskating System
* Made in America, the Chris Chelios Story- Chris Chelios with Kevin Allen

2) Hockey Shot Extreme Radar-  I have been using this at Skill Sessions and my clinics and the kids love it!

3) Bosu Balls-  These balance and strength training aids are great for hockey players and can be used for a variety of exercises to increase balance, coordination and explosiveness.

4) Hockey Trading Cards-  Like most kids from the 1980's I collected sports cards as a kid, and hockey cards make a great stocking stuffer.  Kids learn about their favorite players, look at stats, and become more engaged in the pro game.  Upper Deck and Fleer still make cards, and these can be purchase at most WalMarts.

5) EBAY...  search ebay and find great deals on used jerseys.  It's amazing what people sell, and you can get jerseys from all over the world!

6) Home School Hockey DVD by Championship Productions.  I developed this last summer (2013) and am very proud of the information and production quality.  Get details on how to improve your game with just the materials available to you in your own backyard.
* Driveway Drills
* Cardio Conditioning
* Strength Training
* Synthetic Ice Drills
* Video Analysis