Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun Summer Activites to do with your team

Summer is a great time for players to focus on improving their individual skills.  Going to camps, clinics, working out in your driveway and even competing on tournament teams, can be great places for individual skill improvement.

For teams with a low turnover from the year before, and middle or high school teams, activites for team building can become memorable experiences.  Moreover, you can incorporate skill work as well as strength and conditioning.

Here is a list of activities my High School team is planning on doing-

Do things that are fun, different and incorporate everyone!

Here are other ideas to consider...
* Team Cookout/ BBQ
* Paintball/ Laser Tag
* Guest Speakers
* Day at an Elite Training Facility or Speed School
* Team Open Hockey or Stick & Puck
* Sleep Away Camps or Going to a Big- Name Clinic together

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