Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Goal Setting for Improvement

Here's a simple mnemonic-

  • S - Specific (or Significant).
  • M - Measurable (or Meaningful).
  • A - Attainable (or Action-Oriented).
  • R - Relevant (or Rewarding).
  • T - Time-bound (or Trackable).
Goal setting is a key, and often overlooked method to personal improvement.  Players of all ages should not just think about what they want to accomplish with each season or off-season, but rather write down and keep track of very specific goals that they wish to accomplish.

For example, instead of having "To score a lot of goals" as a goal, it's more powerful to say "To double my goal production from my sophmore year total of 10 to 20." Obviously, this will only be attainable if a lot of preparation has been completed beforehand, and the player can drill down into ways to accomplish this by setting practice hour goals, game shot totals, and conditioning standards.

If you want to improve between now and next year, in hockey, life, academics, or business, set goals for yourself that are measurable and attainable.  Then devote all your energy to fulfilling them... but never stop pushing to go further.

Anthony Robbins is one of the most recognizable motivational speakers in the world.  Here is a terrific clip of his on "Goal Setting".

Each season or off-season devote 10 minutes of your life to setting specific goals for your chosen trade, and make an activation plan to achieve those goals.  The results can be amazing!

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