Monday, June 27, 2011

Friday Night Ice Practice Plan- 6/24/2011 Powerskating Phase 2: Dynamic Edge Control & Balance

6:15-6:18pm Free Time & Warmup
6:18-6:20pm Introductions & Welcome
6:20-6:30pm Group Warmup
          * Forward 5 Circle C-Cuts/ Backward 5 Circle C-Cuts
          * Entire Group on Goalline (advanced Drill)
               - Puck Balance 1- legged C-Cuts (Goalline to Goalline)
6:30-7pm  Splits (Forwards/ Defense with Coach Trimble & Goalies with Coach Donald)
6:30-6:31pm Group Athleticisim puck control drill at center ice/ 2 sets
6:32pm Edge Control
          * Corner Start> partner C-Cuts with 1-leg> use all both legs/ both partners
          * Line Drills
               - Snowplow drill
               - Knee Propulsions
               - Partner Cross over pushes
               - Start/ Stops and high Knee series
6:45pm Balance
          * Half- Moon Drill ( use 3 circles in our section of ice & go both sides so they get all variations)
7-7:10pm  Balance Stickhandling/ Athleticism Warmup (Center Ice)
          * 1-legged bounces with whistle jumps
          * 1, 2, 3 1-Legged puckhandling series
          * partner pendulum stick swings
7:11-7:20pm Obstacle Course  (use whole ice and finish with shots on goalie)
7:20-7:25pm Figure 8 tight turns around gloves for 30 seconds at a time/ inbetween instead of rest do 5 high jumps (group activity) 3 sets
7:25-7:40pm Small Ice Games divided in zones based upon size and ability
7:40pm- End  Competition Relay Race (make it competitive... losing team picks up pucks)
7:45pm Dismissal

Our Next Clinic is Friday Night from 6:15-7:45pm at the Rock Ice Center in Dunellen, NJ!  Clinic runs each and every Friday this summer till September 2nd.


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