Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Wendel Clark Video

Most of the team's I have served as Head Coach for have watched "the Wendel Clark Video".  I've used this 4 minute video in a variety of ways, but mainly to demonstrate 4 things...

1) Be a Competitor-  You want to be the team that is tough to play against.  Finish your checks, work hard all the time, make simple plays, and pay the price.

2) Size Doesn't Matter in Hockey-  Mr. Clark was 5'10ish and at best 190lbs., and he took on, with success, players of all sizes and skill levels.

3) Be Well Rounded-  Mr. Clark scored over 300 goals in the National Hockey League, and yet still stood up for his teammates against anyone.  He was a 2- Way player in every sense of the phrase.

4) Play with Passion-  Don't take shifts off.  Be engaged.

 "Game in, game out, year in, year out, just a kid cruising the ice looking to cause trouble - a wicked wristshot for a goal, a crushing bodycheck, a fight - opponents' bodies littered on the ice, fans out of their seats, the place in an uproar, and Wendel, no expression on his face, looking around wondering what the commotion was about."--Ken Dryden- Quote taken from Wendel Clark's Retirement Press Conference.

Here is the Video...

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