Friday, April 13, 2012

3 Components of Player Evaluations

When picking players for your team or organization there are a lot of different criteria used for evaluating your candidates.  I try to use a little different system, and compare it to the level I am evaluating for.

3 Key Components go it in, and these 3 components are graded on a 1-5 or 1-10 scale.

1) Skill Set- This is the most obvious.  Skill set is the basic set of hockey abilities an athlete possesses.  Skating, shooting, puck handling, passing and natural athleticism.

2) Hockey IQ-  This can be the most difficult to identify if you are new to the game, but Hockey IQ is the ability for a player to utilize his intelligence to make the right play.  Positioning and the ability to read and react to his linemates and situations are important, but look closely at players during evaluations... Does the Forechecker take away the D to D pass?  Does he have good habits and not turn the puck over at his Offensive and Defensive bluelines?  Does he take good angles to force decisions?  Does he have an understanding of game situations, and know how much time is left on the clock?  If the answer is "yes" to all of these, then the player possesses a high Hockey IQ.

3) Compete Level-  Compete level is the ability for a player to maximize, through effort, their athletic ability.  Players with high compete levels are consistent from the beginning of the evaluation to the end and in all facets of the game (offensive and defensive).  Will the player win loose puck battles....  backcheck hard goalline to goalline?

All the categories can be related to the level of the team you are selecting for, as the comparison does not have to be against NHL talent.  If you select players who excel (8-10) in all these areas, you will have a team with talented, winning players who are fun to coach.

A 10-type player in all of these Evaluation components is Mark Messier-

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