Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Habs Private Training Session at Hawk Sports Performance 9/26/2011

Select Habs Player get great Workout at Hawk Sports Performance!

Hockey Specific Speed, Strength, and Performance Training at Hawk Sports Performance this fall
Hawk Sports Performance proudly held an open house for the Jr. A Trenton Habs on Monday, September 26th at 6pm. Coach Kevin Hawke tailored his revolutionary sports performance program to meet all of the teams hockey specific needs. Coach Hawke's facility and system has produced some of the best results in the State of New Jersey this past year, and the Habs really benefitted from the experience.  Assistant General Manager Andrew Trimble had this to say, "Hawke Sports Performance is second to none when it comes down to speed, strength and athletic training facilities.  His system is detail-focused and hones in on the technical aspects of achieving superior results.  We were honored to have the opportunity, and train again with Kevin in the future!"
Here are some of the highlights of Coach Kevin's workout-
1) PVC Barefott Balance Training- Players walked on PVC pipes forward and backward strengthening their ankle, calf, and core muscles in an advanced functional drill.
2) Plyometric Series-  Using platforms and obstacles, players were taken through a series of 1-legged and 2-legged explosive manuevers.
3) Accelerator Machine-  This advanced machine was, as Forward Russel Armbruster put it, "The most grueling calf training he's EVER had."

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