Thursday, April 21, 2011

Extra Edge Academy- Facility Review


On Tuesday, April 19th, I had the opportunity to tour the Extra Edge Academy with head instructors Devin Edgerton & Grant Marshall, and for any hockey coach, player, parent or trainer, I highly recommend this unique and outstanding facility.

Foremost, what sets Extra Edge Academy apart is it's attention to detail, and sport-specific hockey training.  This place isn't Gold Gyms with a Synthetic Ice surface.  Every activity is carefully planned to develop the body to perform better on the ice.  In the process of setting themselves apart, they use modern technology ( like a synthetic ice treadmill, computer- based read & react stickhandling, and synthetic ice shooting range with computer functionality) to accelerate the process.

I find it inspiring to be around opened minded people who challenge themselves to push the limits, to see how good they can become.  When I was a kid, my Father would travel to my hockey camps, practices and skill clinics, and take notes in order to further develop his coaching philosophy.  Many of these ideas became the basis for his 3 part "Ultimate Hockey Drill Book".  Coaches have to be a student of the game, and not seek like-minded people, but rather people who think outside the box and challenge the accepted practices.  In my half- hour interaction with Devin Edgerton I saw a coach/ trainer who not only shared a lot of my same viewpoints, but also implemented my Father's teaching in making "Extra Edge Academy".  Over the course of Devin's decade long pro career, he took bits and pieces of training programs from his coaches (in the US, Canada, and Europe), expanded and developed what he learned to create his own Optimal Program.  Here is his philosophy-

The Extra Edge Academy  is a training facility for hockey players  designed, managed, and staffed by hockey players. We believe that our trainers  understand the sport at a granular level to provide a focused program that’s proven and successful.

Our goal is simple – push our students to become the best hockey players they can be. To accommodate this objective, The Academy  is staffed with some of the best hockey trainers available. Our trainers are hockey players that have collegiate to pro-level experience and have a deep knowledge of what it takes to succeed on and off the ice. They have developed and trained  youth, high school, club, minor and major league hockey players.

Our programs encompass a wide range of training techniques taking the best from both North American and European styles. This synergistic approach gives our students an edge that’s unique and effective.

In conclusion, I was amazed by this place.  The facility is currently almost booked out to capacity, as it is quickly becoming THE HOCKEY TRAINING facility in NJ.  As my wife knows, it is my dream to one day open up a similar facility in New Hampshire, using many of the products and services that Extra Edge provides... So in many ways I truly thank Devin and Grant for allowing me in to their building, making my mental notes and giving me the VIP tour.  This is a hockey place for hockey players, and I wish I had discovered it 20 years ago when I was playing.

There is no question that if you have the desire and commitment, Extra Edge will make you a better player.  If you are willing to work hard, this facility is the BEST place to make your skills and strength dramatically better.


Contact Extra Edge Academy for how to join-
20 Chapin Rd, Pine Brook, NJ, 07058

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