Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 Exercises to Increase Power! Transform yourself from the Weightroom to the Ice.

Transfer Off-Ice strength and power to the Ice with these 3 Exercises!

Training for power requires that you do exercises in which the speed of the exercise movement is relatively high, includes a load, and is executed with some explosive intent. This might be done in the gym or on the track/field. For example, runners might use plyometric exercises like bounds and jumps and marches and footballers might use special tackling machinery and equipment.  Hockey players can use a combination of the track/ field & Football principles to achieve results, but in today's article I want to focus on 3 specific weightroom exercises that will GREATLY increase your functional strength and explosive power.

1) The power clean. In the power clean, you start with bar on the floor but you only squat half way down (mid-thigh) or higher.  Then you explode with the weight upwards, before lifting the weight to shoulders.  You will have to use your entire body to hoist the weight as well as roll your wrists over, so this is a difficult, but very effective power exercise.  Start with just the bar for technique and gradually increase weight.

2) Jump Squats. Instead of writing in detail on how to do a good jump squat, watch the video below.  The main points are to perform a normal squat, then as you rise jump in the air as high as you can.  Make sure when you land you are landing on the balls of your feet first, not flat footed or landing on your heal after you do jump squats. This will help prevent injury.  Start out by performing this activity using just your body weight.  Gradually add dumbbells with increasing weight.

3) Pull-ups: The King of Upper Back Exercises -    The greatest upper-back exercise known to man & also the most basic - pull-ups. The most important exercise for building size and strength in the lats.

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