Thursday, April 25, 2013

Slap Shot Technique

Keys to a good slapshot come from your mechanics and technique. Tiger Woods is a skinny guy, but can hit a golf ball 400 yards. The same thing goes in a slap shot - it's all about driving your hips and shifting your weight.  So no matter what size you are, if you can master the fundamentals of a good slap shot, then you will be a nightmare for opposing goalies!

Slap Shot- Process

  • Position the puck four to six inches behind your front foot. Make sure the puck is far enough from your body so you have room to comfortably hit it.
  • When you wind up the stick, always keep your right arm straight (or your left arm if you are left handed). Your weight should be on your back leg.
  • As you drive your stick to hit the puck, lean into the shot driving your hips and shifting your weight onto your opposite leg.
  • Swing hard and quick and your stick should strike the ice, an inch or two inches before the puck. This will give the puck some lift when you hit it.
  • Strike the puck in the middle of your blade.  Like hit a baseball, this is the "sweet spot".
  • Make sure to follow through and roll your wrists over after you hit the puck.
  • On the follow through, make sure you are pointing at the target and resume a balanced position with your weight fully transferred on your front leg.

  • Al MacInnis was a master and is an NHL Hall of Famer...

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