Monday, March 28, 2011

Add Amazing Accuracy and 25% more Power to your shot in 1 Summer

2 Shots a minute. 25 Minutes a day.  5 Days a week.  2 Months of the year (July & August). 4 weeks in July & 5 Weeks in August.  Total Shots taken for the Summer... 2250.

Clear a 10X10 ft. space in your backyard or driveway (get your parents permission first), and set up your own personal Shooting range.  All you need is a street hockey goal, but even spray paint and a pad or sheet of plywood (to serve as the target) will do.  Several products can be purchased online as the surface to shoot off of, but I have always found that pieces of boards, glass or dasher taken from the scrap heap of rinks work just fine.  As long as the surface is flat, and provides a gliding surface, your shooting board can be created with almost zero financial outlay. 10 pucks and your favorite stick are the only other tools you'll need.

Once the range is set up, it's time for you to go to work.  Set goals for yourself, including minimum time, types of shot, and targets to hit, so that you can exceed your ability rather than settling for the path of least resistance.  I always found that bringing friends into the mix can create a level of competitiveness that brings the best out of the both of you.

Use a golf ball to warm up your hands before shooting (60- 180 seconds), and pump out body weight (push ups or chin ups) or resistance exercises before and after shooting, to complete your program and strengthen your arms and shoulders.  Wear your hockey gloves when shooting, and most of all... DON'T FORGET YOUR BACKHAND!!!!

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